Man prevents heart disease with superfoods; defies family history of death with perfect health score

OJAI, Ca — Reno Rolle is a 57-year-old man who – like many of us – enjoys a steak, bacon and eggs breakfast, or even a juicy hamburger. Not all the time, but on occasion – actually as often as he likes. Reno has never abstained from any food he really wanted, or dieted once in his life. Now consider his devastating family history of heart disease which resulted in the death of both his father and brother, just over a year ago.

Reno’s loving wife, Lynn, was reasonably concerned about the health of her husband and so insisted Reno see his doctor for a comprehensive test of his heart health.

Reno approached the doctor’s table with considerable apprehension. Both his father and brother smoked heavily – Reno never smoked. They drank heavily – Reno drinks moderately. They rarely exercised – Reno has always been quite active. While his father and brother had horrible eating habits, Reno has always tried to eat as close to nature as possible – coupled with the occasional indulgence highlighted above. Perhaps the key difference though, between Reno’s father, his brother and himself, is the fact that Reno has been consuming organic superfoods consistently, since discovering them back in 1995.

All this in tow, Reno underwent the extensive Level 1 Heart-Smart Diagnostics Test with a small voice reminding him, that perhaps he too had inherited a death sentence. The statistics after all are not pretty. More than half the people in this country die from heart disease.

Prepared for the worst, Reno listened carefully as Dr. Darren Clair of The Vibrance Medical Group in Westlake Village, CA shared the results. Dr. Clair stated, “I was shocked! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a better report on anybody, at any age, let alone a man in his 50s.”

Of course, Dr. Clair needed to know the answer to the question that’s now on everybody’s mind: “What’s your secret?”

Reno explained that it may be the superfood powder he’d been taking on a daily basis. “I’ve been consuming plant-based superfoods since we first discovered them in 1995 while searching for an alternative to Ritalin for our young son. I’ve been consuming B?KU Superfood in particular, for nearly 13 years since we began formulating the product back in 2005.”

Dr. Clair agreed and stated, “There is only one thing scientifically proven to reverse heart disease and that’s a vegan diet.” Dr. Clair believes that Reno’s steady consumption of B?KU Superfood, even though it’s just one simple scoop mixed in water, is the equivalent of a super concentrated, extremely potent, vegan diet and an incredibly powerful weapon to fight heart disease. Dr. Clair continued, “We seem fixated on what not to eat and all of the toxic ingredients to avoid. This is a remarkable example of how adding something as simple and functional as B?KU Superfood can not only super-charge immunity and health, but also detoxify our bodies and mitigate the harm from all the bad stuff we end up eating. Even if you can’t give up your favorite vices, these powders just may offer a heaping scoop of hope. You can bet I’m going to take B?KU Superfood every day and recommend it to all of my patients.”

Reno added, “I am enormously grateful. These results on my heart health are like the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. If B?KU Superfood can do this for me, I want to share it with everyone in the world.”

About B?KU Superfood

B?KU Superfood was carefully crafted by Reno and Lynn Rolle, with the help of a naturopathic doctor formulator. An award-winning, powdered blend of 55 different, extremely high-quality organic superfoods in one simple formula, including several compounds known specifically for cardiovascular benefits. Consumers need to simply add a scoop to liquid, shake and take. The family-owned business is now in its 12th year and offers a complete line of delicious superfood powders and plant-based proteins, available exclusively online via its website:

About Darren FX Clair, MD.

Dr. Clair is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and certified Good Health Doctor. Published in the prestigious Journal of Medicine, Dr. Clair created the respected “wheel of health” approach to medicine that focuses on preventative care and feeling better at any age. He operates the Vibrance Medical Group and sees patients in both his Westlake Village and Hollywood California offices.

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