Here’s why you should take an apple cider vinegar bath and how you do it

Keeping a bottle of apple cider vinegar around your home ensures that you’ve got a handy solution for all kinds of problems. From a cure for sore throat to an all-purpose surface cleaner, apple cider vinegar has a variety of uses. It’s so useful and powerful a substance that some people have taken to dipping their toes and the rest of their bodies into it. Though it may sound odd, bathing in water infused with apple cider vinegar is actually highly beneficial.

Why you should bathe in apple cider vinegar

According to, an apple cider vinegar bath can do wonders for your skin and scalp. Some of these include:

  • Getting rid of body odor – While commercial deodorants mask the smell of your body, apple cider vinegar goes straight to the source. By reducing bacterial growth in warm and moist places, apple cider vinegar effectively neutralizes the odor when it dries.
  • For better hair – Treating your hair to an apple cider vinegar rinse will remove product buildup, such as what styling gel leaves behind. In addition to naturally detangling hair and giving it a beautiful shine, apple cider vinegar has also been said to work as an effective treatment against dandruff.
  • Fighting fungi and yeast – With its antibacterial and acidic properties, apple cider vinegar can take care of fungal toenail infections and vaginal yeast infections. Fungi thrive in areas with alkaline levels, thus lowering pH levels to make an area more acidic will kill off the fungi. Despite this, the water will still be mild enough to not damage your skin.
  • Soothing sunburns – If you find yourself dealing with a bad case of sunburn, then an apple cider vinegar bath is just what you need to ease the discomfort. It can also help your skin heal faster.
  • Relieving muscle pains – Apple cider vinegar has been used to relieve exhaustion and even leg cramps. This is all thanks to its high levels of potassium. So if you’re feeling a bit sore all over, maybe taking a dip in apple cider vinegar-infused water can help. Pregnant women can benefit from the soothing effects the bath can have on their feet.

Whether you’re grappling with an itchy, flaky scalp or smelly feet, apple cider vinegar is for you. The best part is that preparing and enjoying an apple cider vinegar bath takes little to no effort.

How to prepare an apple cider vinegar bath

  • Run a warm bath and add one to two cups of apple cider vinegar while the water fills up the tub.
  • Soak yourself for around 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Afterwards, rinse off any apple cider vinegar residue.

Although useful, has warned that one should always exercise caution when topically applying apple cider vinegar. There has been one documented case of a chemical burn caused by this substance, so check and see first if you can handle bathing in it. You should also avoid an apple cider vinegar bath if you have open sores or cuts on your body. Furthermore, the smell of apple cider vinegar can be overwhelming to some people, so if you can’t stand it then don’t force yourself into bathing with it.

But if you have no issues with it, then go right ahead and take a dip. Even kids can enjoy an apple cider vinegar bath; just be sure to keep an eye on them while they do so. (Related: Apple cider vinegar benefits hair, skin and teeth)

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